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5 things to avoid in a sales pitch about snoring mouthpieces and aids.

Snoring can be a terrible side effect of sleeping with your other half. It can disrupt your sleeping pattern and can also be a sign of the person suffering from something more serious. There are several ways to alleviate this; snoring mouthpieces, snoring aids, anti-snoring devices and snoring remedies have helped millions of sufferers from their restless nights. However when you are trying to pitch these anti-snoring devices to sell, you should be aware of 5 things to avoid saying.

  • Our customer satisfaction rating does not equate to its effectiveness

Customer satisfaction means where the customer has been satisfied or happy with the product, customer service or something about the whole process. It does not mean the product necessarily worked or that the customer was able to use the products full functionality.  Most customers will assume satisfaction and effectiveness mean the same thing. Be sure to emphasize customer SATISFACTION.

  • Our product has not been clinically tested

This phrase is a big no-no. This suggests that the company who manufactures the snoring aids has just produced them without doing any kind of quality check or any approval checks by a medical board or association. In the eyes of the customer, this will make them think this product is unsafe for use. It costs a lot of time and money to test these products when it is not legally required for the anti-snoring device company to do so. Try to say other aspects of the product or the service that implies it has been tested clinically. See more 

  • Our product is a solution for your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

OSA is a condition where the sufferer cannot breathe properly due to their air passages being restricted during sleep mode. Whilst some physicians have suggested using anti-snoring devices to lessen the effects of obstructive sleep apnea, it is NOT to suggest that they ARE a solution for these conditions. It is mis-selling and misrepresenting the product. The snoring aid is not a solution for a sufferer with a condition with OSA.

  • Speak to a physician before using the anti-snoring device

You should avoid saying this as you may be likely to lose the sale of the snoring device.    Most of the time, a snoring device does not need professional consultation, so this is another reason why it is not necessary to speak to a doctor about it. The fact anti snoring devices are available at most over the counter pharmacies and drug stores does indicate that a physician is not needed for these products.

  • Only the components of your anti snoring aid are FDA approved

Do not say the above statement. This suggests that the product is not safe or suitable for consumers to use. It will also complicate your sales process as you will have to justify why the product will be still safe to use. It would be better to veer customers away from that or word this phrase in another way.


You need to avoid 5 main phrases when selling your snoring remedies and snoring aids. These are that customer satisfaction is not product effectiveness, the product is not clinically tested, that is suitable for obstructive sleep apnea, that they need to consult a physician and that only parts of the aid are FDA approved. See more this site: